Tanca De Su Scusorgiu means “the treasure hiding place”. At present this treasure is called peace and privacy.

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Ogliastra is rich in natural beauty and not yet well known territory, which boasts at least half of the “Natural Monuments” in Sardinia. Ogliastra is a kind of open-air museum, where these representations of nature can be admired. Its territory is an island within the Island of Sardinia, which extends from Gennargentu to the sea and from the highest mountains to long stretches of beach with the clearest of seas. There are places where nature and early traditions are still almost perfectly intact.

Olivastri di Santa maria Navarrese (Baunei)
Perd’e Liana (Gairo)
Su Sterru – La Voragine di Golgo (Baunei)
Pedra Longa – Agugliastra (Baunei)
Cala Goloritzè (Baunei)
Scalo di San Giorgio (Osini)
The coming Parco dei Tacchi